Happy Non-Binary Awareness Week

Happy Non-Binary Awareness Week

It’s Non-Binary Awareness Week! This is a time to raise awareness about nonbinary gender identities and to organize around the issues nonbinary people face.

Non-binary refers to anyone whose gender identity does not fit within the binary categories of man or woman. Nonbinary people may feel like they have both masculine and feminine parts, or neither. Some nonbinary folks identify as trans, some do not. Nonbinary is not a third gender! There is a wide range of gender identifies that fall under nonbinary. For example, I am agender, which means I feel genderless. Please spend some time learning about the nonbinaray community and ways you can show support.

To get you started, I’ve gathered some tips on how to support nonbinary people, as well as a list of nonbinary artists and activists to follow. Comment below your favorite nonbinary babes and/or ways allies can level up their advocacy game!

✨Ways you can support the nonbinary community✨

  1. Educate yourself about nonbinary people and gender identities
  2. Advocate for gender-neutral bathrooms/signage in your workplace and community
  3. Normalize not assuming a person’s pronouns. Introduce yourself with your name and pronoun.
  4. Pay, hire, and promote nonbinary people, particularly BIPOC.
  5. Always address people using the name and pronouns they give you. Correct others who use outdated name or pronouns.
  6. Put your pronouns in your email signature and social media profiles
  7. Use inclusive language such as ‘folks’, ‘pals’ or ‘everyone’ when addressing a group of people
  8. Use words that define the relationship instead of the relationship and gender. For example, use ‘parents’, ‘partner’, ‘children’ or ‘siblings’
  9. ·Use gender neutral language if you do not know what pronouns a person uses. Never assume.

✨Awesome Nonbinary People to Follow✨

Jeffery Marsh







Sarah Kate











Grayson Izekiel



Wednesday Holmes


Lily Simone


Christopher (xe/he)



AC Dumlao



Jacob Tobia



Ty Deran



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