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Customer Testimonials

"I got a tattoo from Alister and they're very professional, the shop studio is very clean and well organized, and they have an awesome taste in music.  My tattoo is healing very well and I highly recommend them! I also have a pair of earrings from Alister, and they're very lightweight so they don't pull on my ears- love them!"
-Victoria M.

"Their art it amazing! I got some fabulous and fun earrings."
-Tracey M.

"Highly recommend getting tattooed by The Crafty Queer!! The've for a ton of amazing flash and it was an A++ experience."

"The entire order was so beautiful I started tearing up. Mail from The Crafty Queer is seriously the best."

"I got the CUTEST earrings from The Crafty Queer! They’re high quality, beautiful, lightweight, and unique!. Non-binary identity representation is soooo important and I can’t wait to wear my new earrings with pride in the schools I substitute teach at! Thank you!"
-Michey M.

"Highly recommend Alister from The Crafty Queer. They specialize in black & gray and fine line tattoos. Incredible work and reasonable prices.  It was an all around wonderful experience as a fat trans person."
-Jordan R.

"I've been wearing these earrings by The Crafty Queer every day since I got them over a month ago."